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Fat Boy’s Pizza makes big pizza. Our large pies measure 30 inches across, but the number scarcely does it justice. When you see one it looks like the whole world got smaller, and your idea of pizza got bigger. If the slice was any larger, you could run it up a flagpole and pledge allegiance to it.

Fat boy's gift cards

Give the gift of pizza this holiday season! Click the link below to order gift cards online, and get your friends and family something they are sure to love!

The 2ft Challenge

Do you dare take on Fat Boy’s 2ft Challenge? Eat entire 2ft of pizza in 7 minutes or less and receive a Fat Boy’s Pizza T-Shirt & a $20 gift card! If you beat the current record held by Joey Chestnut (40 seconds), you win $2,500! Check out his video to see for yourself!